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Mrs. Rabbit

Responsible Mrs. Rabbit represents the heart of Peter's home life

No matter what happens to him during the day, no matter how much trouble he gets into, Peter knows that his mother will always welcome him home with unconditional love and a warm embrace.

A strong, practical mother, she provides for her brood in the most resourceful and traditional ways, knitting and selling rabbit-wool mittens as well as teas and herbs to the residents of the woods.

Mrs Rabbit

If Mrs. Rabbit had to admit it...

(which she never would) she'd say Peter was her favourite.

When she scolds, "You're just like your father!" there's such a wistful tone to her voice that we understand how much Peter re­minds her of her late husband.

She appreciates Peter's intrepid nature and independent spirit and encourages him to go out and explore. And even though Flopsy and Mopsy like to believe they're delivering all the latest news about Peter's misadventures, Mrs Rabbit (like most mothers) is usually aware of what her son's been up to long before they tell her, shaking her head and smiling a knowing smile.

PR Characters Dinner Table 1.1

Find Mrs Rabbit busy in the burrow

Mrs. Rabbit is usually to be found busying herself in the burrow and it is mainly on Peter's fleeting visits home, for a quick bite and breather between adventures. As Peter is out and about with his friends most of the time, Peter knows that Mrs Rabbit is always there for him should he need her.

Fun Fact

  • Mrs Rabbit loves preparing delicious meals in the glowing fireplace, including Peter's favourite, Radish Soup.