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Benjamin Bunny

At five-years-old...

Benjamin is slightly younger than Peter and he utterly hero-worships his big cousin.

He is up for anything Peter suggests, especially if it's got to do with swiping radishes. Even though Benjamin secretly prefers carrots, he pretends to like radishes more just to impress Peter! And even though it will usually be Benjamin who accidentally throws a spanner in the works, Peter couldn't wish for a better natured, loyal companion.

Benjamin Bunny

Benjamin is one of life's lovably clumsy individuals

If there's a bucket to be tripped over, Benjamin will be the rabbit who trips over it. He's always in the wrong place at the worst time.

And when things really go wrong, Benjamin's bluff and bluster will disintegrate. In no time, he'll begin his nervous tassel­ twisting, pull his hat down over his eyes, and recite endearing self-affirmation mantras such as "Rabbits are brave, rabbits are brave...". While fearless Peter will always accept responsibility for getting them into a sticky situation and immediately set about fixing things, Benjamin either freezes, runs, or just gives up, adopting an "all is lost" attitude.

He's no help at all... until Peter hatches a new plan. Then Benjamin is once again his eager co-conspirator!

Benjamin Bunny Mobile Header

Incredibly cute!

It's Benjamin's innocent outlook and transparent superlative nature that makes him endlessly funny and entertaining. Lily especially can't resist scooping him up for a big cuddle, especially when he is obviously nervous but pretending not to be.

But there is more to Benjamin than sheer entertainment value. He' s an excellent digger, for one thing. Benjamin's fast-digging paws can sometimes get them out of a tricky situation. Above all though, Benjamin makes sure that Peter and Lily's days are full of laughter.