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Mr. Bouncer

Mr. Bouncer is Benjamin's father

A lovable but rather incompetent amateur inventor who has turned their home into something of a chaotic workshop.

A doting father to Benjamin, Mr. Bouncer's parenting style has never been the simple, ordered, traditional approach of his sister, Mrs. Rabbit, but rather has involved the constant creation of over-engineered contraptions aimed at making their lives in the woods free from labour and risk.

Mr Bouncer

The forgetful inventor

Whether it's a wind-powered carrot picker, a wind-up fox alarm or a clockwork flood preventer, there is no limit to his ingenuity.

The problem is he tends to get so wrapped up in building his latest brilliant device that he forgets the trivial stuff, like feeding and washing Benjamin!

Which explains why Benjamin can so often be found at Peter's burrow enjoying a slice of carrot cake and some motherly affection from Mrs. Rabbit.

Mr Bouncer 1.1

Mr. Bouncer's inventions are often used in many adventures

He may be nothing like Peter's father, setting out on an audacious adventure, but Peter likes him all the same.

His experimental machines are a constant source of amusement for Peter, Benjamin and Lily and can surprisingly often come in handy on their escapades, though never for the use that was intended!